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How does it work?

Adapt G Suite calendar to your needs and gain visibility thanks to personalized business reports.

Adapt your G Suite calendars

Add customized inputs to your Google calendar events and take advantage of a unique tool suited to your activity.

Manage your users

Create and manage users groups to offer to your whole teams the calendar they deserve and which will suits their needs.

Create activities reports

Increase visibility with customizable business reports and make your decision-making easier.

Google calendar event screen

Personalize your G Suite calendars

Calendar Customizer offers a flexible solution that will allow you to adjust all calendars to your activity and will adapt to all your needs.

Add your own parameters: text fields, drop-down lists, check boxes, ... and make it easy to understand and view them using icons and labels.

Create and manage your user groups with administrator rights and give your teams the ability to autonomously create the customization which suits them

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Build activities reports

Analyze the performance of your projects and teams with customizable reports.

Statistical visualization and business reports exports give you a complete view of your productivity. Improve your performance while saving time.

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Easy to use

No technical skills are necessary. Our team put the user experience at the heart of the application and it will be easy for you to personnalize your calendars and create your activities reports.

Improve efficiency

Creating customizable activities reports allows you to get fine statistics of your productivity. Improve visibility on your performance and increase your efficiency.

Low price

In comparison with so-called "proprietary" tools, Calendar Customizer is flexible and will evolve with your needs. Integrating perfectly with the G Suite solution, it will save you time while offering you an unbeatable price.

Quality support

Experts are available to help you make the most of Calendar Customizer. Listening to your requests, they will advise you and develop for you an ever more adapted tool.

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15 days free trial. No credit card required

Get Started Now!
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Find the perfect plan

Find the price that suits your needs and optimize your calendars now



( Annual billing : 17,88€ )

  • Limited to 10 users

  • Activities reports creation
  • Calendars customization
  • Users groups management
  • Online support
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  • Activities reports creation
  • Calendars customization
  • Users groups management
  • Online support


( Annual billing : 29,88€ )

  • Activities reports creation
  • Calendars customization
  • Users groups management
  • Online support
  • Mobile application

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